Meet Abir, our latest human of RIXO. Abir owns a vintage shop (@Junybreeze) in Paris where she curates and sells vintage gems for anyone to buy. A style muse in her own right, and effortlessly chic, Abir shows how to style up our Kelly skirts and Kyla dress to perfection.

Favourite piece of vintage you own?
A Saint Laurent High Waist pair of suit pants I found in a flee market when I was 16 and still fits me now! (perfect cut).

Favourite place to hunt for vintage (in Paris or abroad)?
I travelled with my mother to Istanbul at the beginning of this year and we were very delighted to find out that there was a large vintage community there! I totally recommend having a vintage tour there.

What started your love of vintage and inspired you to start a vintage shop?
My mother. And Cinema. My mother always loved to buy fancy second-hand pieces. Our favourite weekends were the ones spending the day looking for 50’s/60’s/70’s vintage pieces as seen in old movies.

I decided to start my vintage shop when I realized I would sell some of my founds to my friends who did not have time to chase or did not know how. And then I decided to make it public!

Who is your style inspiration?
I get really inspired by movie actresses from the 60’s or 70’s. I have a big crush on Egyptian actress Faten Hamama (former ex-wife of Omar Sherif). I love her whole attitude in general and her elegance while moving boundaries at that time in her culture

You have an important day ahead of you, what piece of RIXO do you wear?
One of the Kelly skirts, definitely! They fit so perfectly and go with any top and shoes. You can barely feel it on you and it is such an elegant style. It’s all I need on an important day :)

Where is your favourite place to spend summer in Paris and escape the heat?
During the daytime, anywhere breezy by La Seine or inside a stone cold museum. At night, on any terrasse or having drinks sitting on the stairs of monuments outside.

Favourite place in Paris?
My rooftop. The view is priceless and it's perfect to unwind after a long day of work with people I love!

3 songs you'll be listening to this Summer?
Dalida - Dans le bleu du ciel bleu (volage), Jamie Woon - Night Air and Lana Del Rey - White Mustang

Abir . / . @junybreeze