Our RIXO Family

Meet The Makers

The Suppliers We Work With Are Like Family, It Is About Collaboration.

Henrietta and Orlagh, RIXO founders, believe in complete transparency. We want you to know where your garments come from, who makes them and how they are crafted. Currently, our supplier base is predominantly made up with two suppliers in China, two suppliers in India and one supplier in Italy. Each supplier is based in regions known for the best quality natural fibres and artisanal craftsmanship local to the area. Henrietta and Orlagh “believe we should get bread from the baker and continue to support local craftsmanship and traditions.”   

We partner with family-owned businesses, one of which is a completely female owned factory in India. Our founders believe the key to a successful business is down to relationships and Henrietta and Orlagh have grown RIXO alongside our suppliers. Our Chinese supplier in particular, has been with us from day one of RIXO. Together they help us produce and uphold the quality and standards we are known for: creating ethically-made, sustainable and special pieces in limited quantities.  

The suppliers we work with are like family, it's about collaboration. Few things are more exciting than when our team visits with the incredibly talented individuals who put together our RIXO pieces.  

The Process

1. The Pattern Is Perfected

It all begins with the head pattern cutter, who perfects the garment block which ensures for a perfect fit across each size.

2. The Pattern Is Cut

Expert seamstresses then cut the fabric. We love a bias cut as it provides even silk a little bit of stretch for a beautiful fit.

3. The Reference

The seamstresses sew each and every garment by hand, alwaysreferencing the final garment for consistency.

4. Measurement

Each dress gets one last measure to ensure that it’s the exact fit we had in mind at step one.

5. Steaming

The perfect steam ensures all the pleats stay in place and it yet another chance to check over each and every seam, zip and stitch.

6. Packing

The final step? Before you know it, these special pieces are perfectly folded and make their way to into your wardrobe.
Fair Wages

All workers at the factories are paid the correct wage. Our founders visit our suppliers regularly to perform checks, meet workers and ensure that conditions are the very best so that they are happy, healthy and paid fairly.  

Safe Working Conditions

We have a great relationship with our family-run supplier factories and are in constant daily contact with them. Our suppliers have the required compliance certificates and uphold extremely high standards. Their conditions also adhere to the necessary health and safety rules. 

Environmentally Conscious

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the full supply chain life cycle of our garments happens in one place - we do not ship components to and from different countries. The final garment is produced in the same region where the fabrics and components are sourced. 


Our Woven Family

Noida, India

Our Embroidery Family

New Delhi, India

Our Leather Family

Manesar, India

Our Silk Family

Suzhou, China